Infinite Crypt – The First 20 Elements

Infinite Crypt Hall of Pillars

Find the intruders and deal with them!

At last we’ve finalised and optimised designs for the first 20 Infinite Crypt elements. Here’s the complete listing:

Treasure Chest; Stairway (5′ wide, up 1 level); 2 Utility Stairways (5′ wide, up 0.5 levels); Ceremonial Stairway (10′ wide, up 0.5 levels); Buttressed Wall (buttresses at 10′); Palatial Wall (buttresses at 5′ intervals); Plain Wall (a no-nonsense titanic block – also can be used horizontally as a dais or construction element); Corner (buttressed, compatible with all wall sections); Door (hinged, arched, with a barred view port); Archway (quite impressive!) ; Arrowslit (with handy firing alcove); Portcullis (with positionable gate to slam down when appropriate); 2 Plain Pillars (can also be used as a construction element, horizontally or vertically); 2 Square Columns (with capitals); 2 Fluted Columns (palatial quality); Altar (equally ideal for sacred rituals or sacrificial victims); Evil Idol (every cult needs one); Secret Door (completely invisible from one side); Tomb (suitable for hero, vampire, or even suspended animation purposes); Throne of Evil (substantial stone, skull motif).

Immediately some other elements are implied. Very shortly we’ll have a Window (just like an Arrowslit, but bigger); an Alcove (like a window… with no window!) various additional styles of Corner (including “T” shapes and “+” shapes) and a bunch of different door styles – I like the sound of Plain Door, Cage Door and Reinforced Door.

For dungeon denizens’ comfort and convenience, we think that a Fireplace and a Well are pretty essential, some Barrels could come in handy, and some Pallets or Bunks for furnishing low-level monstrous barracks seem a nice touch. (We’re particularly interested to see whether adventurers press these into service as cover, barricades and makeshift ladders.) Grander Beds for more senior monsters are definitely indicated.

What do your monsters need?

So where do we go from here? Initially we’d like to stay focused on the old-school, underground realm of the classic dungeon before venturing above ground.

Are your monsters in need of Shrines? Bridges? Traps? Barricades? Do they feel most comfortable in fields of Debris?

Are they generally poor housekeepers? If so, then perhaps we need to produce Rubble, Broken Pillars and Broken Walls. Would your evil temple be enhanced by a Font of Evil or a Mausoleum? Would portentous or magical locations, such as an extra-large Gateway or a Mysterious Pool be of interest?

Are your monsters of a more intellectual bent? If so they may need a Lectern, Bookshelves or items to equip a laboratory. Statues are always handy – both for commemorative and villainous self-aggrandisement purposes, and they may actually be animated stone golems – which should add to intruders’ dismay.

We’d love to hear your suggestions for new Infinite Crypt elements. If it’s feasible, maybe one of our Kickstarter rewards can be to work with our larger backers to design custom pieces!

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