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It’s been just eight weeks since we set up this blog, and around six weeks since we showed the first photos of Infinite Crypt prototypes to the world. We’ve been blown away by the interest we’ve had from the gaming community. We’ve had engagement from bloggers and reviewers and (we hope) the first wave of Infinite Crypt customers.

What We’ve Been Doing…

  • The number one request we’ve had is for more pictures so we’ve made a Flickr Gallery.
  • This is always going to be a bit behind the times, so to get more pictures (but lower quality – sorry) then check out the photos on our Twitter feed.
  • We’ve also started a FaceBook Page to explain more about what we do.

What You’ve Been Doing…

We’ve had fabulously positive interest from bloggers and reviewers. Thanks guys! So far these articles have been published:

We’ve had more interest, too – but those interviews aren’t online yet. We like to talk – so if you’d like to discuss IC with us, drop us a line info [at] infinitecrypt [dot] com or tweet us @InfiniteCrypt. We’ve had amazing engagement on social media – particularly Twitter. In the last few weeks we’ve picked up more than 800 followers.

What You Can Do…

Please, help us spread the word! To make Infinite Crypt happen, we’re looking for £6000 – that’s 60 backers who put their hands in their pockets and pitch in an average of £100 to get their hands on Infinite Crypt.

We’re not an established company with an exiting customer base – and we don’t have a handy marketing department – so we need your help.

  • If you like what we’re doing, tell us, and tell your friends!
  • If you use Twitter, follow @InfiniteCrypt and retweet stuff you like!
  • Ask questions, make suggestions! We like to talk.
  • Infinite Crypt is on Facebook If you’re on Facebook, how about a “like”?

Figuring that 1 in 50 of our Twitter followers will actually back Infinite Crypt with £100, we still only have quarter of the number of backers we need. That’s a great base to start from, but we still need more!

If we overshoot our target, and break through to £12000 – double our feasibility threshold – then we’ll be able to run two lasers in parallel, and reduce the cost per element significantly. Our stretch goals are designed to drive the price down for everyone – big and small backers alike, by providing bonus elements for all.

At this stage our core focus has to be on affordability – and that means scaling up production. A lower unit cost will mean you’ll be able to afford loads of Infinite Crypt elements, with potential to build huge complexes, massive temples, giant fortresses… As a GM or a referee, your setups Infinite Crypt will blow your players’ minds. Let’s make it happen!

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