Preparing for a Kickstarter Video

I had a great meeting yesterday with local video maker Russell Cavanagh. He’s agreed to make the Infinite Crypt Kickstarter video. Thanks, Russell!

Meanwhile, we have to work like crazy at iCrypt Towers to get all of the pieces we want to show you assembled and painted (we’ll show you unpainted ones, too). And there are continuing requests for new pieces to include in the basic set.

In the video we plan to show you:

  • Cool scenes made with the pieces.
  • How the pieces pack away neatly, for easy transport & storage.
  • The pieces in play, with figures.

We also want to get something across about the feel of the pieces – but how do we do this in a video? They’re really substantial – not in any way flimsy – and they have a good weight to them. Unlike cardboard or vacuum-formed plastic, they aren’t going to tip over in a gust of wind. If we can persuade some of our local Games Group to talk to the camera, we’ll get some responses from players.

Our ultimate ambition (but hey, this may not be feasible) is to film in a historic location nearby. Something with some serious stonework… and maybe a drawbridge? Okay, so maybe that’d be a bit over-the-top. We’ll see what we can do.

If you’re an RPG player and you’d like to take part in the video, then, please, get in touch. Hmmm… Seems to me as if my next step could be contacting the several independent games shops in Sheffield. I can feel some demos coming on.

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