Now The Work Starts

We launched our 30-day Kickstarter on October 9th, and it successfully concluded on November 8th, raising £10,813 of our £6000 goal! To all our backers, a massive THANK YOU for your enthusiasm for Infinite Crypt and for trusting us to deliver!

Hat tips are also due to the writers, bloggers, reviewers and advocates that helped to get the word out – you put a little bit of your credibility on the line to feature a product that’s not yet in production. Noted. Thanks!

"We must explore this area befoe it gets dark!"

This means that Infinite Crypt will move from being “a cool idea and a bunch of prototypes” to being a widely available product. But it won’t get there on its own!

Now, the work starts. Here’s just a short version of what we have on the agenda – which, I should note, won’t necessarily happen in exactly this order. You’ll see that there are some items which it would be beneficial to accelerate, if we possibly can.

  • Survey backers to receive their provisional set and element selections
  • Prepare premises – including ventilation, worksurfaces, storage etc.
  • Order & install first laser cutter.
  • Set up an Infinite Crypt PayPal account (or other payment processing back-end).
  • Set up an interface to receive payments from backers who expressed interest but were unable to meet the Kickstarter deadline.
  • Work with our “Underworld Architect” backers to design new elements
  • Design popular new elements requested by other backers
  • Set up a comprehensive gallery of elements old and new on
  • Set up a definitive database of elements, with regularised naming conventions and serial numbers.
  • Contact backers again and ask them whether they’d like to modify their selections, now they can see the new elements available.
  • Purchase materials.
  • Order & install a second laser cutter if, or as soon as, our budgeting allows us to do so – but don’t delay the next step…
  • Start Production
  • Iterate production for batches of backers.
  • Develop assembly instructions.
  • Design packaging & purchase packaging materials.
  • Pack orders in batches.
  • Start shipping
  • Set up an online shop
  • Start receiving new orders
  • Resolve queries & glitches (Let’s face it, this is going to happen!)
  • Conclude Shipping to Backers
  • Start production and shipping for new customers
  • Rework website
  • Set up chat forum
  • Seek additional distribution options
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