Our Kickstarter is Underway!

Crikey! We never realised the sheer level of preparation required to build a Kickstarter. Late nights, tricky maths, endless re-writes, and a million-and-one tiny details that we almost overlooked. And quite a few that we have.

You know what we should have done? We should have written a launch announcement for this site BEFORE we launched. So we could press the button on Kickstarter, AND press the button here. But what the hell… at least here you get authenticity.

Infinite Crypt

To Launch, Or Not to Launch…

I guess we’ve been going through the same thing that any number of KickstarterĀ  creators experience… We’ve kept on asking ourselves “Is Infinite Crypt perfect? Shall we postpone?”

Of course not! It never will be perfect – but (though we say so ourselves) it is great! We just hope that we can get this across in our campaign. It doesn’t represent the ultimate expression of all our ideas, it represents “the state of our art right now”. As we develop new designs, a wider range, and our production capacity, it’ll get even better.

We’ve gone ahead and pressed the button, and we’re waiting with baited breath to discover whether Infinite Crypt will attract the backing that’ll make the project fly. How about helping? Check it out here:

Infinite Crypt – Modular Terrain for Underworld Architects

Face The Fear & Do It Anyway

As we’ve developed the product, loads of times we’ve looked at our little doorways, walls and corners, and wondered, “Are we crazy”? But the positive feedback we’ve had from people who’ve actually handled the elements has kept us at it.

A week or so ago, we were considering postponing until Halloween. Or later. Would we ever be ready? Rob’s enthusiasm prevailed. We decided to push forward as quickly as we reasonably could. “Keep the momentum going” he said, “Have faith in our tiny stairways, and other people will see the fun that we have with them, too!”

At other times during the development process we’ve been confident. Quite unexpectedly, Lisa’s Infinite Crypt photo sessions have been a blast. Her photos have turned out beautifully, and without any intent we developed whole storylines around the two miniatures we used for scale, “Blue Wizard” and his mysterious female associate. As their story developed, we experienced that we’d created an incredibly evocative, imaginative game accessory for ourselves – so why not for other people?

Last weekend, after we’d hesitatingly determined our launch date, I decided to call in at my local independent games store, Patriot Games to look out a copy of 13th Age. And (after clambering around the window display to get my hands on the penultimate copy) there was @Tollboothmusic.

A few weeks ago he’d expressed an interest in seeing the elements and writing a review for his blog, Card And Pixel. We’d missed each other previously. He’d come up with the lamentably trivial excuse, “I’m getting married” to explain his unavailability, but despite this, he made time to write a brief preview on his site. What a nice man!

And here he was in the flesh, and with his charming wife! (I was going to say “charming new wife” but that’d make it sound as if he gets replacements on a regular basis.) Fortunately I had some freshly cut prototypes with me, so I proceeded to give them an impromptu demo. Thanks for the loan of your counter-top, Justin!

Here is Infinite Crypt – A Chance Meeting which is his write-up of that random encounter. His very spontaneous, enthusiastic response was, for me, the final confirmation that we should delay no longer.

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