Infinite Crypt is… Go!

Last year I got access to a laser cutter, thanks to a new project at the Access Space hacklab. At Access Space I help people to learn about technology, and part of my role has become to train and support people to use the laser cutter. In a previous life I freelanced as a graphic designer, so I got to grips with the software & design process pretty quickly.  Helping dozens of people with different production projects has given me a great overview of the production process – materials selection, optimising cut times, minimising burn marks and tuning the laser’s speed and power.

After some experimentation, I started to develop the product that I always wanted. It’s modular architectural terrain for miniatures gaming – both roleplaying games (like D&D) and tactical wargames (like 40K).

What I’ve been aiming at are classic designs – they could be fantasy medieval, they could be ancient, they could be scifi. I’m also looking for robustness (these pieces should last a lifetime) and flexibility – they should be compatible with other modular terrain systems.

It’s based on standardised 1″ squares for 25-28mm figures (non-gamers: feel free to freak out at our mixing the metric and imperial systems) and it’s reconfigurable into any number of interior locations, to create rooms & corridors that you can imagine as an ancient catacomb, a medieval dungeon or an underground bunker.

I’ve been gaming since the ’70s (yes, I’m that old) and I’ve never found the exact terrain product I wanted. So now I’m making it myself. I’ve already developed 20 core designs and it’s just about ready to go into production.

That’s where Kickstarter comes in. To produce Infinite Crypt in quantity will take hundreds of hours of production time – so I’m looking to raise enough funds for a production laser, so that Infinite Crypt can bring classic, affordable terrain pieces to everyone!

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