Elements Table

Here’s a complete overview of all current Infinite Crypt Elements as of 6th June 2014. We’re now migrating our ordering process to our new shop, but we’ll retain this list as a reference.

Kickstarter Backers: please use this page to derive code numbers of the elements you want to order. We suggest also referring to the sets listing on our Kickstarter page.

AltarA1AltarStandard19Equally suitable for holy ceremonies or vile sacrifices, this altar will satisfy all your ritualistic requirements!
Pool/PortalA2Pool/PortalLarge36Deployed vertically, this element facilitates interdimensional travel; or lie it down as a place to keep your water elemental.
BarricadeB1BarricadeSmall15Take cover! This handy barricade lets your minions to pepper intruders with arrow fire from a position of safety.
BattlementsB2BattlementsStandard24Castle walls need battlements! In case of breach, it's best to have them on the inside as well.
CornerC1CornerLarge46Trap meddling adventurers in this sturdy, buttressed corner. They'll never escape! (If deployed with competent minions.)
Solid DoorD1Solid DoorStandard23Keep intruders out and minions in with this sturdy portal. Good for stopping drafts in chilly catacombs.
Viewport DoorD2Viewport DoorStandard23Keep an eye on the outside with this handy viewport door. Ideal for guard-posts, cell blocks and more.
Cage DoorD3Cage DoorStandard23Captured those pesky adventurers? Excellent! This iron cage door will stop them escaping while you ransom them.
Secret DoorD4Secret DoorStandard25Behind you! This sneaky hidden portal is ideal for ambushes. Or deploy it horizontally to form a pit trap.
Evil IconE1Evil IconStandard31Never underestimate the importance of brand recognition. This evil icon will ensure your dungeon becomes infamous!
Throne of EvilE2Throne of EvilSmall7Every subterranean overlord needs an impressive throne to intimidate minions and bolster their ever growing status.
Table & 2 BenchesF1Table & 2 BenchesSmall10Treat your minions to a feast they'll never forget with this handy table. So much more civilised than eating off the floor.
BedF2BedSmall9Dragons - even the fussiest abducted princess will have nothing to complain about if you accommodate her in this fine bed.
2 Treasure ChestsG12 Treasure ChestsSmall10Keep your ill-gotten gains locked up, safe and away from prying eyes. Comes with a spare - ideal for housing traps!
3 BarrelsG23 BarrelsSmall14Yo, ho, ho! Rum need never be in short supply when you have barrels. (Not recommended for storing explosive materials.)
2 CratesG32 CratesStandard19Ideal for transporting dry goods or for improvised cover, these strong wooden crates stack nicely. Big enough for bodies.
ArrowslitH1ArrowslitStandard29Give almost total protection to your archers while they lay down a deadly hail of arrows! Watch the so-called "heroes" run!
AlcoveH2AlcoveStandard29Handy accommodation for undead guardians, bulky golems, or perhaps a decorative fungus.
WindowH3WindowStandard29We gather that surface-dwellers have some mysterious purpose for these. Like arrowslits - but with less cover!
MonumentM1MonumentStandard17Celebrate your victories or commemorate or your fallen with this impressive monument! Makes a deluxe grave marker.
4 PlinthsM24 PlinthsLarge37Any figure becomes a statue atop these elegant plinths. Also great for extending pillars.
FaceM3FaceStandard32Ancient dungeon architect or forgotten god - who knows what this stern visage represents? Its eyes seem to follow you.
Crystal FormationN1Crystal FormationSmall13Natural mineral deposits have formed this unique stalactite. Find a way to transport it and it could be worth a fortune!
2 Block ColumnsP12 Block ColumnsStandard34These massive blocks deploy vertically as columns, or horizontally as supporting structures or obstacles.
2 Square ColumnsP22 Square columnsStandard28With enough of these to support the ceiling, your lordly hall can be as big as you like. Tend to make archery duels tricky!
2 Fluted ColumnsP32 Fluted ColumnsLarge41These elegant columns create an unparalleled sense of grandeur. Impress enemies and minions alike with your good taste!
SlabsQ1SlabsStandard34Need to cover up a hole or an oubliette? What these massive stone slabs lack in complexity, they make up for in practicality.
3 BlocksQ23 BlocksStandard28Great as cover and obstacles these massive, solid stone blocks are also great for sliding and crushing traps!
ArchR1ArchStandard24The classically elegant standard archway is strong enough to support walls, aqueducts and more. An ideal location for magical wards.
Wide ArchR2Wide ArchStandard34Wider than a standard arch, this portal gives enough space to admit a cart. Great for constructing bridges or causeways!
Heroic ArchR3Heroic ArchLarge43Commemorating our fabulous Kickstarter backers, this mighty arch is decorated with a skull keystone. Ideal for massive vaults.
Tall ArchR4Tall ArchStandard34Ensure that your ogres and other large minions have plenty of space to charge without fear of bashing their heads.
PortcullisR5PortcullisStandard29This virtually unbreakable portcullis is unbotrusive when raised. Lure in the intruders, then slam it down and finish them off with arrows!
Basic StairsS1Basic StairsStandard18Take them straight to the next level with this no-nonsense staircase. We eat health and safety inspectors, so don't expect handrails.
2 Utility StairsS2Utility StairsSmall14These two small stairways can be deployed individually to reach a raised dais or walkway, or together to reach the next level.
Ceremonial StairsS3Ceremonial StairsSmall15Wider and grander, this low staircase is an ideal way to reach the dais on which you place your throne!
Spiral StairsS4Spiral StairsStandard32Cunning subterranean engineering now allows your minions access to other levels without extensive excavations. Clockwise or anticlockwise!
Wide StairsS5Wide StairsLarge34With 10ft width and a full level of elevation, even giants can bound up and down unhindered.
2 RampsS62 RampsStandard27Stairs can be an obstruction for wheeled terrors. Give rolling doom access to your whole dungeon with ramps!
TombT1TombStandard17Fallen warrior or cryo-crypt? This sinister sarcophagus contains something. But is it really dead?
Mine CartV1Mine CartSmall7Foolhardy adventurers love a mine-cart chase! Wiser ones may use this to transport barrels, recover loot, or as mobile cover.
Massive WheelV2Massive WheelStandard25Put your prisoners to work by deploying this element as a treadmill - or rotate the timbers to make use of water-power.
Buttressed WallW1Buttressed WallStandard30Reinforced with a solid buttress every 10ft, this wall section is ideal for corridors, prisons, bastions...
Palatial WallW2Palatial WallStandard21Decorative and practical pilasters reinforce this wall every 5ft. Fit for the grandest throne-room or palace. (May not resist siege machinery).
Block WallW3Block WallStandard27This massive block can be deployed vertically as a plain wall section, or horizontally as a dais or support structure.
Long Palatial WallW4Long Palatial WallStandard31What's better than a small palace? A big palace! This extended palatial wall provides another 5ft of elegant walling.
Abstract WallW5Abstract WallStandard26Boasting sturdy pilasters, this chunky wall section gives the impression of a laboratory or technological installation when rotated.
Structural WallW6Structural WallStandard26Massively buttressed, this articulated wall section gives a sense of solidity to your fortifications. Deploy where strength is a priority!
LadderW7LadderStandard32Get to the upper levels without wasting floor space on expensive staircases. Ideal for accessing battlements.
Flying ButtressW8Flying ButtressStandard33Stop really large walls from bowing whilst leaving room for windows or archways. A perfect perch for gargoyles.
CrossbraceX1CrossbraceStandard19Not had time to complete the masonry? Only after the ore? Support newly excavated galleries with these wooden or steel braces.
Crossbrace with LadderX2Crossbrace with LadderStandard19Give your minions easy access to the upper scaffolding without wasting valuable floor space! Stacks to form a column of ladders.