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Infinite Crypt stairway to the next level..

Stairway to the next level…

You may think that here at Infinite Crypt we just make whatever we feel like. Of course we do, but we have some rules. Here are five approaches that we’ve been sticking with:

  1. Shape. There are many fine terrain products on the market – what makes ours different is that Infinite Crypt is about shape, not surface detail. We aim for each element to be a mini-sculpture, with structural architectural features. The joints themselves contribute to the look.
  2. Resolution. To keep a consistent feel we only use 3mm material for our designs. This gives us a maximum level of detail – you can add more if you like. We like the stylised character of the elements, which will make your beautiful miniatures really stand out. Your characters should be the centre of attention in a game session.
  3. Neutrality. Most Infinite Crypt elements are appropriate for many genres. They could be a dungeon, a temple, a castle, a bunker, a spacecraft. This gives the elements maximum value and leaves the fine details to your imagination. Now you have options: leave the pieces unpainted; spray them with a neutral palette or paint each one with genre-specific customisations.
  4. Puzzles. The pieces in Infinite Crypt flat-packs interlock like little jigsaw puzzles. Making the elements has to be fun – the pieces click together in a satisfying, unambiguous way, and (wherever possible) hold together without glue – though we recommend a dab of white glue to make joints permanent. Some of the more complex pieces, like hinged doors, need glue. We’ll supply instructions – even the most complex pieces only take a few minutes to construct.
  5. Modularity. We keep each element in a 1″ x 2″ x 2″ form factor  so they pack away neatly into storage boxes. You get two smaller “0.5 unit” items (like columns and barrels) in a pack. Corners and some walls, which take up three 1″ x 1″ x 2″ spaces are 1.5 unit items. In all cases they’ll fit perfectly into our storage trays.
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